A Secure Online Exam and Assessment Platform

Lock-down Browsers

During an exam, the participant’s browser will be locked down.

This will prevent them from accessing any other website on the browser until their exam is completed.

Offline Exams

We offer the facility of secure offline exams for any educational or training provider.

Everything is remotely downloaded onto a platform locally so each learner has a unique log in precise for a certain computer within a certain time frame

No Copy/Pasting

Participants will be blocked from copy / pasting anything whilst an exam is taking place.

This will ensure that everything entered is their own work.


A maths exam without graphs is just a mixture of free text and multiple choice questions. This works well for some exams, but a higher level qualification would require evidence that the candidate can interpret data and make judgements based on it.

We have created the graph creator for this purpose, allowing learners to effectively demonstrate their knowledge and skills.


A candidate’s experience of any educational platform is the most important factor, and so we have invested a great deal of time and effort into the design and development of the candidate’s side of the system.

Anonymised Answers

Markers will have no information about who has submitted an answer, putting an end to biased marking.

on-screen timer

Candidates can clearly see how much time they have remaining throughout the exam.


All of the candidates’ answers will automatically save as they progress through the exam.

Varied question types

Our exams feature multiple question types to test candidates’ skills.

These question types include multiple choice, free text and a graph creator.

no cheating

We have multiple anti-cheating features on our exams.

This includes locking the browser so that candidates cannot view other websites.

customisable layouts

The appearance can be changed to suit the candidate’s reading requirements.

Candidates can adjust the background colour, text colour, font and text size.

A selection of tools and resources can be added to or removed from the exam depending on what the candidate requires.



doodle pads


abstract texts

scale drawings